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Hydrogen Peroxide

Rocket grade Hydrogen Peroxide is very promising for some applications in rocketry. It is a storable, non-cryogenic oxidizer which – in combination with non-cryogenic fuels – can be used in the design of very reliable rocket stages. The use of this oxidizer is especially attractive, as at concentrations in excess of 95 % the performance on a volumetric basis is equal or even better than with liquid oxygen ! (Use of identical fuel is mandatory for this comparison.)

One reason for the limited use of this oxidizer is its commercial

non-availability in concentrations > 88 % at least in Europe.



WEPA-Technologies can deliver fully automatic plants producing H2O2 up to a concentration of 98 % on a commercial basis. Due to the process concept chosen, the operation of the plant is very safe.

A reference plant can be visited at a customers site (capacity: ~ 50 kg / d).


The following working packages can be supplied by WEPA-Technologies:


  • conceptional process design including safety concept
  • detail engineering (process- , control- and electrical schemes)
  • equipment purchase
  • erection and commissioning
  • trouble shooting / maintenance
  • training of operators
  • after sales services



H2O2 concentrator plants are fully adaptable to customers requests !

The plant can be delivered in a containerized setup enabling transportability.

Production capacity of the plants offered is 50 to  ~ 1500 kg / day ((90 – 98 % H2O2).

Please contact us for further information.

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