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Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines

Engines using liquid propellants are preferred in applications requiring long operating time, re-ignition or throttling. To assure propellant efficiency while maintaining low production costs of hardware, we are focussed on developing engines operating at medium pressure regimes (30 – 80 bar).


 Our development of low cost propulsion technology is based in the following principles:


- simplified design of rocket engines and turbo pump units

- low level operational parameter (chamber pressures, tem­peratures, RPM of turbo pump units)

- low cost materials and manufacturing technologies

- green, low cost and easily accessible propellants


Due to their world wide availability in combination with no or only minor toxicity, liquid oxygen (LOX) and ethanol (ethylalco­hol) or jet propellant (JP, ‘kerosene’) are our preferred systems. Handling is well proven in the course of many decades and does demand only moderate safety requirements.

Please contact us for alternative propellant systems you might need.

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