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The business unit ‚Automation’ does encompass two main areas: supply of original equipment of new machines, partial upgrade and complete retrofit.


Typical applications are as listed:

-         machine tools (for instance lathes, mills, grinding machines)

-         general mechanical engineering


The services offered can be provided at customers site or within WEPA facilities.

Especially in the field of ‘machine tools’ we have extensive experience concerning control retrofits.

Used machine tools in many cases are characterized by mechanics in well working condition, but outdated and prone to error control hardware.

In such cases we preferably substitute the old control by a Soft-CNC (Twincat CNC ® by Beckhoff Systems). This approach does guarantee very high flexibility and feasibility of very special customer requirements.


Besides keeping constant the functionality of the machine retrofitted, an extensive upgrade of its functionality can be implemented. (Example: substitution of an automatic tool changer holding 6 tools by a larger one encompassing 12 positions and live tools. Another case would be substituting a manually operated clamping chuck by an automatic, hydraulic one.


Twincat CNC ® can be characterized by independence of manufacturer specific hardware – implementation of hard- and software originating from many different sources into the new control system can be realized.

Due to this the modernized control system is very flexible to meet present and future customer requirements.


Intimately imbedded into the control software is a soft-PLC (IEC 61131-3 standard) – therefore there is no additional hardware required to implement PLC functionality.


Tool path programming is achieved by using standard G-codes – compatibility to standard programming systems is given (post processor required). Alternatively manual programming can be done.

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