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Aerospace and Rocket Technology

The business unit ‚Aerospace’ is focussed on design, development, manufacturing and qualification of rocket grade hydrogen peroxide production plants (RGHTP), rocket engines, turbo pump units and sounding rockets.

Development processes are minimized by using state of the art manufacturing technologies, simulation software to predict and optimize performance parameter.


After completion of current development activities we will be able to offer a full range of services. This will encompass supplying single components, complete technological units and ready-to-go sounding rockets:


-        single components (f. ex. thrust chambers)

-   complete units (f. ex. solid rocket motors or liquid propellant rocket engines with turbo pump unit / gas generator)

-        ready-to-go sounding rockets


Qualification runs of units delivered can be conducted at customers site. Further more launches of sounding rockets can be coordinated and supervised.

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