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Solid Rocket Motors


Propulsion units using solid propellants are used for instance in the field of start booster applications.


WEPA-Technologies’ developments are characterized by the preferred used of nitrate / polymer based composite propellants. Compared to state of the art double-base or ammoniumperchlo­rate based systems, handling procedures can be conducted in a much safer manner. As a consequence legal transport and storage issues are significantly less demanding and air transport can be real­ized.


Our nitrate based propellants do not contain chlorine species, therefore no highly corrosive and poisonous combustion prod­ucts containing hydrogenchloride are generated. In order to pre­vent corrosion for instance at launch infrastructure this is especially impor­tant.


(refer to reference ‚CASSIDIAN’: Development of booster unit, thrust class up to 20 kN)


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