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December 2014

To efficiently conduct joint development activities of WEPA-Technologies GmbH and their partners Dresden University of Technology (Institute of Aerospace Engineering / Chair of Space Systems) and FAR, the availability of test sites for technology demonstration purposes is obligatory. Testing does include flight evaluation of complete rocket systems and their subcomponents as well as static testing of rocket engines.

Activities are focussed on the development of complete sounding rockets and booster stages of micro satellite launch vehicles.

The military proving ground close to the city of Baumholder / Germany seems to be ideal due to its topography and vast area of  119 km2.

In order to better define boundary conditions required to permit frequent testing, on December 08th a technical information day including flight demonstrations of small research rockets and static testing of rocket engines has been conducted.

Main issues to be demonstrated have been operational safety and environmental compatibility of the activities. Invited parties were officers of the German Army (Bundeswehr) and civil authorities responsible for flight safety respective environmental compliance.

The demonstrations were successful and negotiations concerning future tests within the area of the proving ground will be finalized soon.


WEPA-Technologies, TU-Dresden and FAR would like to express their deep gratitude to the following organisations for the intense support to enable research projects at Baumholder proving ground:


- German Army (Proving Ground Baumholder)

- Authority for Flight Safety

- Upper Environmental Protection Agency

- Chief Administrator of County Birkenfeld (Dr. Schneider)

- Office for Promotion of Economic Development (County Birkenfeld) (Mr. Dietz)



Photos: Credit to S. Saueressig (Nahe-Rhein Newspaper)

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