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January 2016

WEPA-Technologies will be present at ‘SpacePropulsion 2016’ conference (http://www.propulsion2016.com/) in Rome / Italy (May 1st – 6th).

CEO Dr. Weuta will give a presentation and talk about current developments at WEPA in the field of propulsion technology (“Low Cost Liquid Propulsion Systems for Launch-, InSpace- and SpaceTourism Applications”)

The abstract can be downloaded below.




Low Cost Liquid Propulsion Systems for Launch-, InSpace and SpaceTourism Applications


The development of low cost propulsion systems is a key component to enable pri­vate space flight.


An over­view of the technology under development at WEPA-Technologies will be given. All propulsion systems focus on simple, cost effective design, high reliability and use of ‚green propellants’.


Low cost propulsion will be realized by:

1) Simplified design of rocket engines and turbo pumps

2) Low-level operational parameters (< 60 bar chamber pressure)

3) Use of standard (non-exotic) materials and manufacturing technologies

4) Unification of design of propulsion systems for the first and second stages of launch systems via clustering

5) Environmentally benign and easy to handle propellant compo­nents as LOX / Ethanol or H2O2 - Kerosene (no NO2 / N2O4 or Hydrazines)


The development of propulsion technologies at WEPA-Technologies does encompass thrust chambers, injector systems and turbo pumps.

At present the activities are focussed on a turbo pump fed, 35 kN thrust demonstration unit (50 bar chamber pressure) using LOX / Ethanol respective H2O2 / Kerosene.


An update about the development activities will be discussed in detail and are focussed on the following areas:

  • cryogenic and non-cryogenic turbo pumps (~ 75 bar exit pressure)
  • thrust chambers (regenerativly cooled)
  • injector systems
  • concentration systems for Hydrogen Peroxide production (~50 % => up to 98 %)



H2O2-based propellants significantly facilitate development and reliable operation of propulsion- and overall systems architecture – key advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • simplified system design and increased responsiveness due to non-cryogenic characteristics of the storable propellants used
  • reliable ignition / operation due to (quasi) hypergolic ignition
  • facilitated reusability of propulsion systems due to low combustion temperature
  • environmentally begnin oxidizer


Taking into account these advantages, WEPA-Technologies considers the use of Hydrogen Peroxide to be one very attractive option to enable fast track development of propulsion systems. In addition to launcher- and sounding rocket applications, utilizations in the field of re-usable space planes may be well suited to H2O2-based propulsion systems.

As low leadtime availabilty of Hydrogen Peroxide even at a concentration level of 87,5 % is not always given and high performance concentrations up to 98 % are - if at all - available under severe legal restrictions only, WEPA-Technologies does offer custom designed concentration plants.

Stationary plants delivering up to 90 % are available on a commercial basis at present and can be visited at a customer’s site (capacity: ~ 50 kg / d). Process technology to deliver up to 98 % is under development and will be available by late 2016. Safe and fully automatic, 24 h operability are key features of the plants.



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