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January 2021

WEPA-Technologies did receive a contract to plan, build and commission a production plant to deliver 95 % Rocket Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (RGHTP) for rocket propulsion applications. Due to more stringent safety requirements of 95 % HTP, a - compared to the production of 90 % HTP - different process technology will be used.  


The plant will be designed to process commercially available H2O2 (30 – 70 %) – stabilizers and impurities will be removed during the production process.


WEPA’s own, proprietary process technology will be used to reach concentrations above 90 % – safe and fully automatic, 24 h operability are key features of the plant.


The following working packages will be supplied by WEPA-Technologies:

  • conception of process design including safety concept
  • detail engineering (process- , control- and electrical schemes)
  • equipment purchase
  • erection and commissioning
  • trouble shooting and maintenance


Plants delivering up to 98 % and 1500 kg / day - for example to be used in high performance upper stages - can be provided and are fully adaptable to customers’ requests !


Plants producing up to 99,5 % - for example to be used in high performance, in-space applications - can be provided.



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